She realized…


She realized

She had been doing it all wrong

Always insecure and afraid

Craving for things she didn’t need

Attracting attention from people she did not like

Trying to prove her points

Making excuses for being her

Holding back to what she really wanted

Dodging the clear facts

All because of her fears,

That had somewhat turned into her life now

Fears of rejection

Of being judged and

Of not meeting up with people’s expectations of her

She could be rude and indifferent,

Mostly not out of will

Had turned pretense into an art form

Showing off an unshaken character and pride

That she “got it all together”

She decided to put an end to it

So as not to regret again,

That help she refused to seek,

The missed opportunities, and

The words unspoken

She realized much to her dismay

That she hadn’t really been living

That she needed to change,

And not suppress her feelings

And that if she made mistakes,

That would only be because she was human

That it is perfectly alright to have

a different opinion from the majority

That she needed to face everything head high and differently

Not with pride but with great conviction and maturity

Take on the risks she had been afraid to take

Conscious that she might fall

But sure to rise right back again,

To grow and Love more

And above all, God First

Because there was only one life to live

And not a second to waste.


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